KA VOICECAST for Sunday, September 1st

KA VOICECAST for Sunday, September 1st

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STORY TIME —Loser by Jerry Spinelli



KA NEWS for Sunday, September 1st

All KA schools have been closed since Monday, August 26th  but doors will open again for class on Tuesday, September 2.  For closure updates and new class schedules, please refer to the Kikokushijo Academy website.

The KA Kids International Preschool officially opens its doors in a few days and applications for children aged 3-6 are still being accepted.  Children who sign up for the KAIP program will be introduced to the fast-paced, advanced reading and writing program with teachers trained in the Read Write Inc. Phonics method, currently exclusive to Kikokushijo Academy. For general information and answers to frequently asked questions, please follow the link to the KA Kids International Preschool Page.

KA’s famed essay-writing course for students in grade 4 of elementary school and above is now available as a correspondence course for students who live abroad or outside of the Kanto area.  This is a serious, results-oriented program for students who wish to pass essay exams for junior high, senior high, university or the EIKEN, TOEFL, or SAT exams.  Distance Learning students will write and revise weekly essays, complete grammar assignments, and build vocabulary to raise the register and effectiveness of their writing.  Each student will correspond with a Personal Writing Tutor, who will guide the student through the course by email.

Students wishing to participate in the Distance Learning course must have:

  • Access to the internet
  • A computer with Microsoft Word and Adobe Reader
  • A strong desire to improve their writing

For more information about this exciting new program, please contact Kikokushijo Academy or follow the link.

Are you creative?  Do you enjoy painting and drawing? The KA Jyugaoka and Meidaimae schools are offering a variety of English-medium based Art Classes for students in year 2 through year 6.  The Art Classes will give students the opportunity to work on some fantastic art projects whilst developing their Art Vocabulary. If you are interested in taking part in this fun course please contact the KA Jyugaoka school or KA Meidaimae school for more information.




With Aidan  


If you have been paying attention to Sports News these past few weeks, you will know that there has been a lot of hype about which players are being considered for transfers and how much cash teams are willing to pay for top footballers.

Perhaps the most talked about player this year is 24 year-old Gareth Bale, who is currently signed to the Tottenham Hotspurs.  Real Madrid wants him and they are prepared to dish out a record breaking 94 million pounds to get their hands on the super talented midfielder.

Meanwhile, Manchester United have been told that they have a chance of landing Bale, but they will have to cough up 125 million pounds to sign him.

One of Manchester United’s most celebrated players, Wayne Rooney, had been flirting with the idea of transferring to Chelsea, but as of Tuesday, August 27, Rooney has decided that he will remain with Man U for the 2013-2014 season and will not be submitting a transfer request. Cristiano Ronaldo also just expressed that he would like to return to Man U and play the last part of his career at Old Trafford, Manchester United’s official stadium.

So why is all this happening now you ask?  Well, the Summer Transfer Window officially began on July 1st and ends on Monday, September 2 at 11 pm.  This window promises to be a fascinating one, with new bosses in at Chelsea and both the Manchester clubs who will want to shape their new squads in their own image.

Some teams have already secured their top picks, including Manchester City who has made the biggest splash so far by forking out 30 million pounds on Brazilian midfielder, Fernando Luiz Rosa, also known as Fernandinho, and Premier League new boys Cardiff City, has beaten several top clubs to sign FC Copenhagen Striker Andreas Cornelius.

If you would like to learn more about what is happening in England’s Premier League, please follow the link on the KA VOICECAST website.

What are three different expressions or phrases used in IN THE NEWS that mean the same as PAY or SPEND?


Real Madrid wants him and they are prepared to dish out a record breaking 94 million pounds…


Meanwhile, Manchester United have been told that they have a chance of landing Bale, but they will have to cough up 125 million pounds to sign him.


Some teams have already secured their top picks, including Manchester City who has made the biggest splash so far by forking out 30 million pounds on Brazilian midfielder, Fernandinho…



PRECISION is a noun that means the quality or state of being exact or accurate.  Synonyms for PRECISION include exactness, accuracy, and correctness.

HAPHAZARD is an adjective that means not organized or random.  Similar words include chance, accidental, and irregular.

DESPONDENT is an adjective that describes a person who is sad or has lost hope.

The verb, to ASSEMBLE means to bring people or things together in one place for a particular purpose.  Synonyms include gather, congregate, call together, and round up.

A SOUR PUSS is a person who is not happy or cheerful or a sad expression on one’s face.

TURF is another word for short grass.


A PACIFIER is a specially shaped plastic or rubber object for a baby to suck.  It is sometimes called a dummy or binky.

An ALLOWANCE is an amount of money given to someone regularly for a particular purpose.  You may get a weekly ALLOWANCE you can either spend on going to McDonalds with friends, or some of you may choose to save up your ALLOWANCE to buy something big, such as a new game for your DS or a stylish new winter jacket.

For more vocabulary words from Loser, be sure to tune into KA WORDCAST Taskmaster Lesson 6.




By Jerry Spinelli

Soccer is Zinkoff’s kind of game.  Baseball has too much waiting and too many straight lines.  Shooting a basketball demands precision.  Football is fun only for the ball carrier.  But soccer is free-for-all, as haphazard and slapdash as Zinkoff himself.  He plays in the PeeWee League in autumn of his seventh year.  His team is the Titans.  Every Saturday morning he’s the first one there, kicking pinecones around the field until the coaches show up.

Once the game begins, Zinkoff never stops running.  He zigs and zags after the checkered ball like a fox after a field mouse—except he hardly ever catches up to it.  Someone always seems to reach it first.  Zinkoff is forever swinging his foot at the ball a half second after it goes past him.  He winds up kicking the shins, ankles, and rear ends of the other players.  Twice he’s kicked the referee.  Once, somehow, he kicked himself.  His teammates rub their bruises and call him “Wild Foot.”

To Zinkoff, a net is a net.  He doesn’t much care which team the net belongs to.  Several times during the season, he kicks the ball at the wrong goal.  Fortunately, he always misses.

The first game of the season is against the Ramblers.  When it’s over, Zinkoff jumps up and down and pumps his fists as has seen athletes do on TV and yells “Yahoo!” He doesn’t notice that he is the only Titan cheering.  “What are you so happy for?” says Robert, one of his teammates. “We lost.”

This is news to Zinkoff.  Throughout the game, and even at the end, he has not thought about the score.  Apparently, losing has made Robert quite despondent.  It shows on his face.  It shows in the way he’s kicking the turf.  Zinkoff looks around.  Other Titans are kicking turf or stomping their feet or pounding their thighs with their fists.  Every Titan wears a sour puss.

And then the coach assembles the Titans into a huddle and says, “Okay, on three, yea Ramblers.  One, two, three…” Zinkoff bellows, “Yea Ramblers!” And adds, “You da man!” “Yea Ramblers” barely crawls from the lips of the other Titans.

And the coach is lining them up, and the Ramblers are in a line too, and the Ramblers and the Titans are patting hands down the line like dominos, pat, pat, pat.  There are no sour pusses on the Ramblers, who keep saying “Good game, good game, good game…”

And then the Titans are heading for their parents on the sidelines, and in order to show their parents what serious soccer players they are, they kick the turf some more and tear off their knee pads and shirts and throw them to the ground and stomp on them.  One Titan even falls to his knees and bawls while pounding his head in the grass.

Zinkoff wants to be a good Titan.  So he kicks at some turf, too.  His mother and father look on with mouths agape as he tears off his shirt and shoes and finally his socks and stomps them all into the ground.  He gets down on his knees and rips up grass and flings it into the air.  He snatches the pacifier from baby Polly’s mouth and hurls it onto the field.  He pounds his fists into the ground and cries out, “No! No! No!” By now other parents and players are watching.

Zinkoff’s mother says, “Just what do you think you are doing?”

Zinkoff looks up from his knees.  “I’m being mad because we lost.”

Baby Polly is bawling.

“Well, you can start being madder, because this little demonstration will cost you your allowance for a week.  And you have five seconds to bring that pacifier back.

**If you would like to read more about Zinkoff and his many adventures, feel free to check out Loser from the KA library!




LET’S GET QUIZZICAL question from August 15th:

In what WORDCAST lesson would you find key words from The Diary of Anne Frank?


Ichiro Suzuki



This week’s question:

What team does ICHIRO play for currently?


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